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We all know how much effort is made to bring happiness and prosperity to the house, but many times there is an atmosphere of unrest in the family without our want, and we do not see the solution to the problem. According to Vastu Shastra, to solve these problems, keep a flute in the house, by keeping its many types of Vastu defects will be removed, and there will be prosperity in the house.

When someone decides to get Married or, allow someone in their life to be a soulmate. A soulmate is the closest person in the life, after some ages, things will not work, people decided to get separate, but this is not a right decision, without giving enough chance to your love, and a relation. Sometimes, there is a fight for no reason, even the partner doesn’t know the reasons, they just fight with each other, start getting irritated on small things, even on those things, which they liked in their partner most before then. There is so much reason for fighting with each other, or happily married couples suddenly start fighting with each other. If this is happening with you all, and you believe in astrology. Please don’t decide to separate from your partner, without giving a chance to your relation, because astrology has the solution to every problem.

Astrology said, sometimes there is Vastu fault in your house, which affects your love life. Maybe it is in your bedroom where the partners live together, Or on the balcony.

We, humans, need someone or other to live, and even if we do not have love, what is the benefit of being together? Every human wants to strengthen their relationships to improve their lives and to be happy. Although many times whatever the relationship is, things get out of our hands. No matter how much we try, the relationship deteriorates and we cannot manage it. In such a situation, your only question is, how do you bring back the same happiness in your love life and married life?

Vastu science ‘Vastu Shastra’, which has been running since old times, really helps in making relationships stress-free and harmonious. It especially increases compatibility in love and relationships in your married life. If you follow it properly then it is also effective in improving your relationships and enhancing mutual attachment by eliminating the problems going on in your relationship. It benefits you by creating balance in your love life.


1.There should be no ideological differences between partners for a happy married life. The most important for this is the use of blue and purple in the northeast region and as much open space as possible.

2. The presence of a fire element in the south-east makes the female partner physically and mentally stable. The orange color should be in this direction. This Vastu is called the ‘Mahila Shakti Kendra’ which is essential for a happy and romantic relationship.

3. Having a master bedroom in the south-west direction of your house improves the chemistry between you as it balances the ‘male power center’.

4.Balancing the air element, storage and the presence of a washroom in a children’s bedroom or guest bedroom enhances harmony, coordination, and a supportive attitude between the two of you. Dark blue, gray, or gray color enhances positive effects.

5. Metal beds should be avoided as they disturb sleep and can cause tension between the partners. A single bed or queen-sized bed is the best option. You should avoid having two beds or two separate mattresses in the room.

6. Bed positions in the master bedroom should be either entirely in the south zone or southwest area, but never between the two. This can lead to failure in relationships.

8. Pink or red colors such as light red, drape, etc. can be used in the bedroom. Also, the bedroom should be clean and tidy to increase love and positivity.

7. Keep in mind that the bedroom should be in regular shape and should not have any cut or sharp corners.

9. Excessive use of electric gadgets in the bedroom should be avoided as they affect relationships by creating tension and anxiety. It is also not right to have a computer or TV in the room. They should be covered with a minimum of cloth while sleeping at night.

10. It is advisable to keep Family Photo in South-West and Couple Photo in West direction. You should avoid keeping things and photos in the bedroom depicting situations like violence, sadness, stress, or the negative side of life.

Apart from this, also know that true love is not an artificially made thing. Always keep a positive attitude about your dreams and desires. Positivity can make our love and life more successful.

‘POSITIVE VIBES’ By staying in such a house, positive energy gets divided and reaches you which adversely affects your love affairs. Now that the house cannot be changed so easily, according to Vastu, there is a solution.

If there is no love in any relationship then it becomes very difficult to maintain those relationships. Similarly, if there is a lack of love in your life too, by adopting these architectures, you too can fill your life with love.

LUCK: People who believe in luck cannot deny its effect. Some people do not trust these things. but if Luck also matters in relationships.

Failure in love: No matters, how many love affairs you have had and you have been married many times. But it will be called your misfortune that none of your relationships could last long.

To curse: Cursing your whole life for your failures is not the right solution, nor will cursing solve your problem. If you want to solve the problems of your lovelife, then you can adopt Vastu Shastra. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you can make your love relationship strong and fun, the only condition is that this learning gives its fruits only if used properly.

LAMPSHADES: Hanging light-colored lampshades at the southwest end of the bedroom makes the love energy reach the bedroom easily.

Mirror in front of the bed: The mirror should never be directly in front of the bed. This creates tribulation between the married couple. If you have any type of mirror in front of your bed, get rid of it as soon as possible.

 T’ shape: First of all, you need to check what is the biggest difficulty of your relationship. If your house is of ‘T’ shape and is situated in the south-western direction, then this is the reason for your problems. You can make this negative energy ineffective by hanging a glass at every confluence of the ‘T’ shape.

Vastu for the bedroom: Those people trying to get married should put light pinks, or any other light-colored bedsheets in their bedroom.

Water item: If you are fond of a fish aquarium or swimming pool in the house, then anything related to water should be located in the northeast of the house. They should be kept away from the bedroom. If this is not the case, then the men of the house are likely to cheat their partners.

Western direction: If a basement is lying vacant in the western direction of the house, it can cause depression among the married couple.

There are so many solutions, which Acharya Indu Prakash Ji solve very easily with very simple changes in your life, and those changes can bring an abundance of happiness in your life.

You can take a personal consultation with Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, you can discuss your personal life with him, or can take online consultation. Buy a Vastu thing which is available on his website, can change your life, and bring an abundance of happiness in your life. Astrology has the solution to every problem, you just need to have faith in it.


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