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As the name itself suggests, due to the presence of this yoga in the horoscope, many kinds of harmful events happen in the life of a person. The person who has this yoga in his horoscope, his life is never stable. Guru is the giver of knowledge and wisdom, while Rahu is the shadow planet. The planet on which the horoscope sits gets its bad fruit. When Rahu sits in the same place as the Guru in the horoscope, this combination is called Guru Chandal Yoga. When both the planets sit in different positions of the horoscope and look at each other with full vision, then Guru Chandal Yoga is made.

There is always instability in life because of Chandal Yoga there is always instability in the life of the native. His character becomes corrupt and such a person engages in immoral or illegal acts. In this dosha, Jupiter is called Guru, and Rahu is considered as Chandal. Rahu’s relationship with the guru in a horoscope makes the native very materialistic, due to which he does not refrain from earning money from wrong actions to fulfill his every wish. However, if the guru is strong in such yoga, then the person’s luck can also be reversed. He becomes rich.

This planet has different effects in different expressions of the horoscope. Let us know in what sense the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga is:

Guru Chandal Yoga In the first house of the horoscope ie the Lagna, when Guru and Rahu are sitting together and making Guru Chandal Yoga, then the person is of dubious character. Such a person not only takes interest in immoral relations but also earns money by doing every true and false act. Such a person does not give much importance to God. In the second house money place, Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed and if the Guru is strong then the person is rich, but it wastes money badly. If the guru is weak then the native is addicted to drugs. Such a person does not belong to his family. The native is courageous and mighty due to the presence of Guru and Rahu in the third house. The Jataka gets famous in writing work when the Guru is strong and the person becomes notorious in wrong works when Rahu is strong. He loses money in activities like gambling. By becoming Guru Chandal Yoga in the fourth house of the horoscope, a person is intelligent and intelligent. But if the Guru is weak then the person is not interested in family functions. There is a lack of peace and happiness and the person is mentally distracted.

 The child is suffering, if the guru yoga in the fifth house, Guru Chandal Yoga is suffering and Jupiter is inferior, then the child will suffer. The children of such a person are misguided and engage in immoral activities. There are obstacles in their education. If Rahu is stronger than Guru then the person is of unstable thoughts. If this yoga is being formed in the seventh house and the master is strong then the person is the master of good health. A sixth house is a place of health. If Rahu is strong then the person is struggling with many physical problems. Diseases below his waist bother him. A seventh house is a place of married happiness. If Guru Chandal Yoga is made in this sense and other enemy planets are visible on the Guru then the marital life of the person is painful. If Rahu is strong in this yoga then there is a lack of coordination with the spouse. If Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed in the eighth house and the Guru is weak then there is a possibility of accidents throughout life. Frequent injuries and higher treatment costs. If Rahu is extremely strong then such a person can even take the step of suicide.

A person is of an atheist type, if Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed in the ninth house and the teacher is weak then the person is of an atheist type. Its dispute with its parents remains. Such a person has to face humiliating situations in social life. The tenth house is the place of action. If Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed in this sense, then there is a lack of moral courage in the person and there are obstacles in getting the position, prestige. Business and jobs change frequently. Having a strong Guru provides some relief from problems. If Guru Chandal becomes Yoga in the eleventh house and Rahu is strong, then the person earns money wrongly. Such a person is willing to do anything for money. The company of such a person’s friends is not good and he commits wrongdoing. Guru Chandal Yoga, made in the double sense, makes a person a deceiver. Such a person deceives people under the guise of religion. The tendency to spend is more. A person is very stingy when the teacher is strong.

What remedies can Guru do not show his auspicious effects due to Rahu in Chanda Yoga?

 If Chandal is being made in the zodiac sign of a yoga guru or its friend planet, then measures have to be taken to calm Rahu so that the ill effects of Rahu are minimized and the auspicious effect of Guru increases. For this, the Vedic mantras of Rahu are recited. After this, the tithe of the total mantra number is to be performed. If this defect is being made in the enemy’s zodiac sign of Guru then measures are taken for the peace of both Rahu and Guru. For this, measures like feeding fodder to the cow and worshiping Hanuman are also done regularly.

Remedy to remove Guru Chandal Dosha

 – Serve and get blessings in the shelter of a qualified Guru.

– Control speech Bring sociality into practice.

– Be sure to take the opinion of elders when making decisions. Honor parents and elders.

– Rahu is afraid of Hanumat worship so recites Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

– Feed green grass to the cow and donate it to the poor.

– Worship Ganesha and Shiva and chant mantras. Chant Rahu.

-Add raw milk to the root of the banyan tree.

– Must get Rahu peace remedy from a qualified person.

– Do Jalabhishek on Shivling on Monday.

– Worshiping bananas will be beneficial for the Guru’s strength.

– Srihari is pleased with banana worship and Rahu is scared.

-To reduce the ill effects of Guru Chandal Yoga, measures are taken for the peace of Rahu, because if the Guru is in his own or his friend’s zodiac, then it is believed that he is in a good position but due to Rahu his auspicious effect Cannot show, so in such a situation it is necessary to calm Rahu.

-It is necessary to recite Rahu to calm him down. After chanting, his tenth havan is performed.

-The regular worship of Hanuman and Lord Shiva reduces the impact of Chandal Yoga.

– Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

-Serve the cow, Go to a cowshed and feed green fodder to cows.

-Offer raw milk every Saturday to the Banyan tree to prevent Chandal Yoga.

-Rahu Shanti Puja can also be done.

-Feed bananas to the cow every Thursday. Serve your gurus, parents, and elders.

-Going to old-age homes also reduces the ill effects of Chandal Yoga.

Effects of Chandal Yoga Chandal Yoga makes a person’s life unstable.

 There is a huge difference between words and actions. He speaks and does something. That is why people lose their trust in him. A person with Chandal Yoga has a suicidal tendency. Due to unintentional fear and despair, he may also take a suicide-like step. Such a person wants to earn a lot of money by doing every bad thing. In the craving for money, such a person is not afraid of causing physical harm to anyone. A person with Chandal Yoga starts being sly and deceitful. He deceives his people the most. The jealousy, jealousy of others is also seen in such a person. A state of confusion and indecision is also seen in such a person. He cannot sustain the decision for himself. His decision varies frequently. Such a person takes such wrong decisions many times that he and his entire family have to suffer throughout their life. Wastes wealth and destroys the wealth created by ancestors on evil deeds and their lust.

Auspicious guru and auspicious Rahu fruit

If by the combination of auspicious Guru and auspicious Ketu, Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed, then the native is social and spiritual. Social service works by considering it as their religion. The human qualities in the native are full of codification and sometimes he spends his entire life in human welfare.

If Guru Chandal Yoga is being formed by the auspicious Guru and the auspicious Rahu, then the person will get the blessings of auspicious results in different areas of life. For example, if this situation is being created in the tenth house of a horoscope, then the area of business will increase.


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