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if we are talking about the phases of life, the first question that comes to my mind, what is life? Life is a platform of a theater, where we all are puppets and actors, and our director and producer is GOD. Who writes our destiny and fate. If we are in deep thought for the situation we are facing, we must know that he has already written our destiny. And the most important thing, we have to keep in our mind if we would not face a bad phase of life, then how can we realize the happiness of a good phase? How can we value good things? if we never tried bad things? to taste a good phase and success need to taste the bitterness of failure. , life is a game, to win this game need to be enthusiastic and strong. Each One Positive Thought brings along with it many other friends and each One Negative Thought brings with it many enemies. The basic mantra of this game is that when a man chooses the Negative Thoughts, he gets used to them and if he chooses Positive Thoughts, then he gets used to them. Whenever a man makes a mistake and chooses some enemies, then that enemy confuses man and then man does not control himself and a man constantly choose his enemies. When a man has more friends and the number of his enemies is less, then man continuously wins the game of life. When a man wins, he starts doing good deeds and success touch his feet, everyone praises him and happiness become his shadow. But when the enemies of human beings become stronger than friends, then the man loses this game. Every moment he starts frustrated and angry. Those who learn to play this game become successful and those who do not understand this game are doomed. That is all about life. Every day happens to teach us a lesson. When you fall and seems like every door is closed, don’t worry from that day your life will take a turn and take you with the tycoon. Now, destiny will decide you will be finished in this tycoon or will become a king. Never cry or be depressed for anything thing, God has a better one for you, which is made only for you.

The good phase and bad phase is just like a cycle. One will go another will come. Just believe in karma, good karma always payback. You don’t need to think about a fruit, which will get from the good karma, go with the flow. Everything will be all right. Sometimes, the situation is worst more than we think, and truth is that whosoever lived that, who knows the pain. But at that time, you need to take the help of astrologers, numerologist. You should take advice from that person, who is naturally astrologer, they don’t need the internet to solve your problem. Sometimes, we are getting into a bog of so many problems, after so many efforts we are not able to come out, at that time a good astrologer can help us. Maybe our planetary movement is not in a good position, which may cause unfavorable to us, or having a Vastu-Dosh at the workplace or the home. By taking help from astrologers and
doing a lit bit of change in life can solve your problems. Sometimes, we are facing in the wrong direction or following a wrong daily routine, which can bring negativity in our life. Astrologers can help us to know about that problem, a small change can make a huge difference in life. Suddenly, we start feeling optimistic and positive and feel peace and positivity around us. As we know, we all are part of planets and stars, and reading the movement them is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Humans are suffering from their birth times and places (longitude /latitude), for instance, Mercury is that the planet that rules the mind and communications. Within the greek mythology. Mercury is represented by Hermes, who is usually depicted because of the “winged messenger” of God or in other words. He’s the intermediate, the one, conducting the communication between Gods and humans. As another example, Venus is that the planet ruling the harmony, unison, and love between people. Greeks called her Aphrodite, the Goddess of affection – ideal, familiar, and sexual. Each planet reflects the seven dominant rays of the Sun. After their cycle of differentiation and accomplishment has been completed, they’re again gathered up and united within the one great white light called cosmic energy. There has been tons of research into astrological phenomena, but thus far all of the results are match from time to time and till today in research. Thus the time of birth determined the character and intensity of the vibrations which are apparent in your mental, moral, spiritual, and physical characteristics, and these successively indicate the character, environment, and opportunities which can come to you. It’s simply indicative of the opportunities which can be presented or the temptations that can come; there’s no denial of self-determination or discretion. you will use the characteristics given to you at birth or change them as you will, and the accuracy of prediction of horoscope or destiny is 100%. You may find a good solution. All the nine planets affect our life, some in a good way or some in a bad. To get a good vibe from them astrologers help us to do some remedies and practices. After that, we could not face any problems. Apart from this, we need to be positive all the time and always trying to do karma, believe in your inner strength.

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