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For happiness, make ‘Matangi Yantra Sadhana’

Matangi Yantra Sadhana,

For one thing or another, many young men and women are unable to marry. Their age is growing and because of one obstacle or another, there is still an obstacle to marriage. In line with this, there are many couples who do not find the happiness of children even after many years of marriage. If you also face such a problem, then Matangi Yantra Sadhana can complete these tasks for you quickly.

Matangi Yantra

Many practices of Matangi Devi have been reported in Tantra Shastras, where the soon-to-be remedy Matangi Yantra Sadhana. Perform this sadhna under the guidance of a trained guru or do it yourself by taking guidance from him. Matangi Mantra is widely used to enhance physical beauty, early marriage and to make family life more enjoyable. The law of this mantra is told of complete family happiness and the happiness of a woman in life. Through the use of this mantra, marriage takes place in the desired place.

Shri Matangi Yantra (Ten Mahavidya Series) | Green tara mantra, Shri yantra,  Spirited art

Matangi Yantra is a must for Matangi Sadhana, which can be purchased on the market. This yantra should be made of copper or ashtadhatu. If you have the ability, you can also take one made of silver or gold. After this, on the night of Holi or Deepawali, look east and sit on a chair in a red robe. Stop yantra by putting a red cloth on the post. Worship. Then perform the Matangi meditation of sadhna –

Meditation Mantra – Shyamangi Shashishekharantranayanam Ratnasinhasanasthitam. Vedavarbahudandaisi khetak pashankushadharam. Matangi Mantra- Om Hreem Klein Hoon Matangyai Phat Swaha

Chant 11 cycles of this mantra. Garland can be taken Sphatik or Rudraksh. Actress Debina Banerjee shaved her head, fans were shocked, they know why?

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