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Firoza Gemstone

benefits of wearing firoza gemstone

Firoza Gemstone

Firoza Gemstone originally found in Turkey, Firoza is also called Turquoise in English. It is a dark blue colour gemstone. Wearing firoza gemstone does not require much research and advice. Turquoise is the gem of the planet Jupiter. So wearing it can give knowledge and bring happiness and prosperity to your life. This stone is also know as a symbol of wealth in ancient culture, and best for its healing powers. Firoza plays an important role not only in the astrological world, but also in the field of jewelry. Which is why the original and ancient turquoise is difficult to obtain.

It is a beautiful and economical gemstone. That maintains the balance between all the chakras and prevents the mind from getting distract. Firoza gemstone is available in many shades like apple green, greenish-gray, greenish-blue. But the best color is consider to be sky blue. In ancient times, turquoise was also use to evoke kindness and gentleness. Which is why this stone is also wear as a talisman. Turquoise gemstone is also know as the most efficient healer. When turquoise gemstone changes its color or breaks, it indicates future problems. It is also a symbol of friendship, courage and hope.

Benefits of Firoza gemstones

Benefits of Firoza gemstones

Firoza prevents a person from wandering on an unknown path and protects one from harmful things. There are some other benefits of firoza gemstones, which are as follows-

  • It increases your social status and prestige.
  • Turquoise strengthens the mental state and removes the lack of communication.
  • The unprecedented power of the mind is provided by its effect.
  • It helps to increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • It increases the strength of your muscles and protects you from evil spirits.
  • Turquoise is also say to be the healing stone of empathy, which improves the sensitivity and thinking power of the wearer.
  • It removes bad luck and bestows good luck and due to this, the person gets better health, wealth, knowledge, fame and strength.
  • Wearing turquoise gemstone brings attractiveness to personality and improves creative style.

Treatment of a disease with Firoza Gemstone

Due to the effect of stone, there is benefit in diseases related to heart, kidney. Those who have any problem like blood pressure (high or low) and their treatment is not successful. They should also wear turquoise stone after taking astrological advice. Apart from this, gem proves to help cure many types of diseases.

Wearing Firoza Gemstone, Firoza Gemstone bracelet

Firoza Gemstone for which planet

Firoza gemstone is a sub-stone of the planet Jupiter, it originally found in (French language) Turkey around the 16th century. Apart from this, it is obtain from South Australia, China, Brazil, Mexico, USA, England, Belgium and many more places.

It is a semi-precious stone of blue and greenish-blue color, but the best color is consider to be sky blue. The person who has weak Jupiter and Saturn planets in his horoscope should wear this gem. It gives strength to Jupiter and Saturn.

Firoza gemstone Wearing day

The best day to wear Turquoise is Friday. But if you wish, you can wear firoza on Thursday or Saturday also. The most auspicious time to wear turquoise stone is from 6 in the morning to 8 in the morning.

Disadvantages of Firoza gemstones

Generally turquoise does not have any negative effect, so wearing it does not cause any harm.

Method of wearing Firoza gemstone

Firoza gemstones should be wear on a specific day so that the stone can be favorable for the wearer. The ring should be wear only after taking a bath, but before that, keep the ring immersed in a mixture of raw milk and Gangajal so that it becomes pure. After this, the ring should be wear only after worship. You can wear stone by making it in gold or copper metal.

Who should wear Firoza gemstone

Despite being a Firoza gemstone, it is a very effective gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, the people of Sagittarius, Pisces and Aquarius must wear this gem. Apart from this, people of other zodiac signs can also wear it, according to western astrology, turquoise (turquoise) is the birthstone of the people of Sagittarius.

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