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Feng shui Tips and Products for Career and Wealth.


Feng shui tips for career and wealth

1. Three-leg frogs are consider very auspicious in Feng Shui Shastra. It is say that bringing a three-legged frog with coins in its mouth brings economic progress. During this, one thing should be keep in mind that the frog’s mouth should be towards the inside of the house and not outside. It is say that by doing this your work will start getting complete slowly.

2. Three Chinese coins are consider a symbol of economic prosperity in Feng Shui. It is say that it is auspicious to tie these coins in the main gate of your house or shop by tying them in a red string. It is say that by doing this the economic condition gradually improves.

3. Many remedies has mentioned in Feng Shui Shastra to get progress and to fill it with happiness in life. It is say, that it is auspicious to have a golden-coloured Laughing Buddha in the house. According to Shastra, it should be install at a height of 30 degrees at the North-East angle. Laughing Buddha should not be keep in the bedroom even after forgetting it. The keeping a Laughing Buddha in the house brings prosperity and progress in a career.

4. According to Astrology, keeping a tortoise in the north direction at home or office is consider auspicious. Keep in mind that it is always auspicious to have its mouth facing inwards. By doing this job, business-related problems end. Along with this, one also gets freedom from enemies.

5. Always keep the broom at home or office in such a place, where no one else can see. keeping a broom anywhere also reduces prosperity. That’s why the broom should always be keep in handy.

Feng shui products

fengshui tips for career and wealth
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To strengthen health, put bind chimes at the entrance of the house. Due to this, the health of the person will be good. The best place to install the six-barred wind bell is in the northwest corner. Wind bells with five or seven rods are also use. Five sticks turn bad luck.

Bamboo stick

Brings prosperity to the house. The bamboo plant is a symbol of youth, as it is evergreen. There is no change in this. This tree always stands upright in every season. And it teaches us to stand firm even in a storm. It is a symbol of trust and stability.


Keeping fish in the house in a small aquarium or fishbowl is consider auspicious. There are a total of nine fish in it. Of these, eight should be golden or red and one should be black. When one of the fish dies, get a new fish.

When a goldfish dies, it is believe that it has taken your bad luck with it. The best place to keep an aquarium is Diwan Khana. If live fish cannot be plant, then dolphins scurrying in blue water can be use instead.

Bells and Chinese Coins

Hanging coins on the door handle of the house brings wealth to the house. Three old Chinese coins can be hang by tying them in a red thread or ribbon. Feng shui Coins should be hang inside the house. If a small bell is also hang on the handle outside the door, it brings good luck to the house.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha or Laughing Buddha statue is believe to bring prosperity, success and good luck. There is a provision to put it in front of the main gate at a height of about thirty feet. Here the idol greets the energy entering the house. If it is not possible right in front, then it can also be keep on some side.

Three leg frog

A three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth is consider auspicious. It is keep inside the house near the main gate as if it has just entered the house with money.

Sphatik balls

According to the Astrology, the southwest corner of the house is related to love, romance and affection. To increase the strength of this field, two crystal balls are place here. If these balls are in the living room, then they prove to increase the affection of the family.

It absorbs negativity. In such a situation, once a week they should be purified by keeping them in salt water. So that they remain active. A crystal chandelier can also be place in the south-west corner.

Love birds

To increase the sense of fidelity in the couple with love and romance, the pair of lovers is the best. You can increase love in life by placing pictures of ducks, parrot-mynah or similar couples in the south-west of the house.

Feng shui 
fengshui Love birds

Best Products for Wealth

1. Pay attention to the mouth of the Chi (Kai), it is nothing but your main door. The main door of the house should be strong, there should not be any obstruction in front of it, it should not creak, it should face in the right direction and the color should also be right. You can also put symbols of protection, abundance and fortune on your door.

2. Keep the house away from clutter and chaos, remembering that this stops the flow of energy and clutter creates a hindrance in the flow of energy. Clutter doesn’t attract money and doesn’t allow money to stay in the house, so remove the things you don’t need.

3. Water is an essential element; it is the main element that is associate with wealth and abundance. Water should be clear, clear and flowing, avoiding water stagnation at any cost. If you don’t have a water feature in your house, a picture of a waterfall or a river can also work.

4. Find the place of money according to The Astrology and improve that place to activate the chi. Use the right elements to improve this space and if your money space is in the bathroom, kitchen or store room then you may have financial problems. In such a situation, you should take the right measures so that you can eliminate the bad energy.

5. Choose the Right Remedies There are a variety of these available in the market so you can choose the one that reflects your personality and matches the decor of the home. You can choose from Wealth Ship, Aquarium, Lucky Cat, Money Tree or Laughing Buddha.

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fengshui metal turtle
best feng shui for wealth

Feng shui Product for career luck 2022

Everyone has a lot of expectations from the New Year. Everyone wants that the coming new year not only brings happiness to them, but even after getting old, they should maintain happiness and prosperity in their house. With this hope, people do not know how many measures to make the coming year better. There is only some time left for the year 2022 to come. These remedies are the best for wealth and career growth.

Metal turtle

Many people keep a tortoise in their house, but mostly it is made of things like clay or wood. To bring happiness and prosperity in the house, you can place a metal turtle in the house. Before the start of the New Year, bring a tortoise made of brass, bronze or silver to your home, it will help in opening the doors of your luck.

Silver elephant

You can also keep a silver elephant in your house before the start of the New Year. But this elephant should be of solid silver. According to Vastu Shastra, it has a very good effect on the house and the bad effect of Rahu and Ketu starts to end. By keeping it in the house, there is an increase in business and progress starts in the job. Along with this, peace and happiness and prosperity remain in the house.

Peacock feather

You can also keep peacock feathers in your house before the start of the New Year. Morpankh is consider very auspicious and miraculous. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping peacock feathers in the house removes all the problems in the path of luck, but instead of keeping many peacock feathers at once, only one to three peacock feathers should be keep in the house.

Pearl shell

You can also give a place to Moti Shankh in your house before the New Year. By worshiping Moti Shankh with rituals and keeping it in the vault or the place where money will stay, wealth and wealth reside in the house. Due to this there is progress in business and job and there is profit in money.


You can also place a picture or an idol of a parrot in your house. According to Vastu Shastra, placing the picture of a parrot in the north direction brings happiness in the house. Along with this, the interest of children also increases in studies and the doors of luck start opening.

Tips for Money luck

Good luck can be achieve by adopting the various measures mentioned by Feng Shui. According to Astrology, when wind chimes are play by the wind, its sound brings happiness and prosperity in the house and many Vastu defects are removed.

It is beneficial to hang 6 rods of wind chimes on the right side at the corner of the entrance of the drawing room for good luck and good fortune. Actually, by putting six rod wind chimes in the drawing room, positive energy comes out and spreads throughout the house.

Tips are here below:

  • Greenery enhances the positive effect of Feng Shui. Indoor plants bring happiness to the house and fill every corner of the house with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Plants are consider one of the nine basic safety precautions in Feng Shui, so plants should be plant in empty parts of the house.
  • The south-east corner of the house is consider to be the corner of wealth and prosperity, so plant plants with broad leaves here.
  • If family members have to face trouble and disappointment again and again, then install wind chimes with nine sticks in the drawing room. Everyone will benefit from this.
  • Climbing vines called climbers, such as money plants, can be use to reduce the dullness of the area by planting them in the corner.
  • Laughing Buddha, which is consider very auspicious in vastu shastra, should be place in the drawing room just in front, so that as soon as you enter the house, your eyes are first on it.
  • According to vastu shastra, old junk and useless things cause quarrels and differences in the family, so especially couples should immediately take out the old junk from under their bed and throw it out, because it causes differences between husband and wife are born.

Feng shui Tips for Job interview

Whether it is a fresher or a seasoned professional, job searching is a stressful job. People adopt many types of tips while searching for jobs. These are some remedies. That doesn’t mean that instead of sending a resume, you’ll get a job if you wind chimes in the window and light candles in the room. If you follow the simple tips of Feng Shui for Job Interview, then while looking for a job, positive energy will increase around you, your confidence will increase, and you will be motivated.

Tips for interview:

1. If you hang a world map on the north side of your house, then you will get clarity about your career.

2. The north direction of the house is directly related to the positive energy of your career. Therefore, putting a picture of successful people in that direction or a picture of people who inspire you will give positivity.

3. Metal art can be place in the North-East direction of the house. This could be a metal frame, ball, or anything like that.

4. If something like a waterfall or mirror is place in the north direction, then you can get a lot of benefit.

5. Also, if blue or black color is add in the northern direction of the house, then it can also be of great benefit.

6. If you can find out your Kua number then it can open doors to your success. Apart from this, you can also use the traditional good luck charms.

7. Take care that there should not be any kind of obstruction in the door of your house.

8. Also keep in mind that your wardrobe should always be organize and not full. Along with this, keep items according to the place in the house, especially in the bedroom.

9. Never ignore the South-East direction of your house, which is a symbol of wealth and abundance.

10. Get enough sleep, eat well and take care of yourself.

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