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Every month of pregnancy has a ruling planet

Every month of pregnancy has a ruling planet

Every month of pregnancy has a ruling planet

9 Months and 9 Planets:

Role of Nine Months and Nine Planets: For a woman, becoming a mother is the biggest and best moment of her life. It is wished that the baby growing in the womb should be healthy and even after birth, his whole life is beautiful, pleasant and prosperous. The practice of Garbha Sanskar for the complete intellectual and physical development of the child while growing in the womb has also been practiced since ancient times. It is a well-known fact that whatever the mother’s diet, practice, thought, contemplation, meditation, study, will have the same effect on the child in her womb.

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Planetary constellations also have a full effect on the fetus. Therefore, our ancient sages after doing deep study and research have fixed a lord planet for each month in the nine months of pregnancy. In that month of pregnancy, contemplation, contemplation, chanting, worship of the concerned planet increases the age, health and intelligence of the child. If the mantras etc. of the planets related to each month are chanted in that month, then surely the child born will take birth only after worshiping all the nine planets.

Mantra Maseshwara: Sitakujeyravindu souri Chandrat Maja Stan up Chandra diva Kara: su:.

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These are the ruling planets of the nine months of pregnancy.

Venus is the lord of the first month of a pregnant woman’s pregnancy, Mars is the lord of the second month, Jupiter is the lord of the third month, Sun is the lord of the fourth month, Moon is the lord of the fifth month, Saturn is the lord of the sixth month, Mercury is the lord of the seventh month, lord of the eighth month. Lagnapati, that is, the lord of the ascendant at the time of conception, the lord of the ninth month is Moon, the lord of the tenth month is Sun. In this way, by chanting the mantra of the ruling planet every month, the fetus becomes healthy, happy, beautiful, strong.

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