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Double fate line is not always lucky, know why.

Double fate line is not always lucky, know why

Double fate line is not always lucky, know why

In palmistry, it is generally considered to be a good thing to have double the line of any line. It is said that if one line corresponds to an important line, then it is called a supporting line or auxiliary line. If any other line corresponds to a life line, then it is considered a double life line. When one has such a line, one gets the support of someone in life and quickly gets out of all their problems.

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But, if we talk about the line of destiny, then the story is a little different here. If a person has a double fate line in his hand, then it can also set obstacles in the way of luck. In some ways, the duplicate line also works as a support, but in most cases, having a duplicate line is not a good sign. Let us know in more detail-

If the end line in a person’s hand goes out of the wrist region and reaches the Saturn mountain and in line with the other end line works, then a state of double spending on such a person’s income is created. If the second line of destiny that goes along with the line of life begins in the line of life, then one has to lose a lot of money in that year of age at the beginning. If the second line of destiny corresponding to the line of destiny begins from the head, then one’s luck is irritated at the last minute. His works reach the stage of complete completion, but stop. This causes great stress to the person.

If the second ending that accompanies the line of destiny begins at the beginning and ends at the end, then one attains success in any task by delay. If there are two lines in the palm of one hand and one of them is torn, then one has to deal with serious problems many times in life.

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These are good allies – Some western craftsmen associate the line of predestination with double the income.

If the double end line starts from the mountain of the Moon, then one is rich and earns money mainly from abroad, but such a person is not satisfied with his married life. If the main line of destiny is long and the second line of destiny is short, then it supports the person by being a helper. Such a person receives support from his wife or female friends. If both ends of the line are exactly the same and have a reddish hue, then one never lacks money.

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