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Do you know who can value a diamond, what are the benefits of wearing a diamond, let us know.

Diamond is a very valuable mineral, which is considered to be the purest of carbon and the
hardest element in nature. It is an allotrope of carbon. The name of India has been world
famous for diamonds since very ancient times. The Kohinoor diamond, which was extracted
from the Golconda mine in ancient times, remained the center of attraction for centuries.
Diamond is the hardest material among natural materials, due to its hardness, it is used in many
industries and jewelry. Diamonds are not only white, due to impurities, its shade is blue, red,
orange, yellow, green and black. Green diamond is the rarest. The Nava Ratna also contains
diamonds and is considered the best among the nine gems. Diamond is the gem of the planet
Venus. Diamond is a type of precious stone which is very shiny and very hard. Diamond
is very expensive and beautiful in appearance.

Usually people wear it as a form of beauty, but according to astrology, it also has many
advantages and disadvantages. You will be surprised to know that not every person can wear a
diamond. Some things should be known.

In astrology, diamond is considered the gem of Venus. There is a reason behind wearing this
gem. To make Venus effective. People who have inferior Venus influence in their horoscope
face many problems in their life. In astrology, Venus is considered the factor of love and
prosperity. With the blessings of Venus, the person becomes the beneficiary of happiness and
prosperity. But if Venus is malefic or afflicted by any malefic planet, then the person who meets
Venus is not available. Being a factor of love, their value increases even more. The world seems
dull without love. Every creature needs love. That’s why astrology says that to strengthen
Venus, wear a diamond. But do not forget to get the horoscope assessed once complete.
good luck to these

Wearing diamond is auspicious for the people born in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn
and Aquarius ascendant. Diamond is always beneficial for the people of Taurus and Libra
ascendant. But wearing diamond in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant is not
auspicious. Out of these, the people of Scorpio ascendant should not wear diamond even by
mistake. If you are also wearing a diamond as a fashion, then you must consult an astrologer.
Otherwise you may have to face loss due to this.

Shukra Maharaj is the god of sex. Their happiness connects human life with creation, art and
joy. Therefore, knowing the right position and wearing a diamond increases auspiciousness.
There is a law to wear a diamond gem in the ring finger, on the Friday of Shukla Paksha, by
energizing it, by doing sixteen thousand chants (Om Shukrai Namah) of Venus. Wearing pearl,
ruby, coral and yellow topaz with diamond is prohibited.

Benefits of wearing diamond

As we have already told that Venus is strengthened by wearing a diamond, due to which there is
no shortage of life’s comforts. Wearing a diamond strengthens self-confidence and hypnotic
power in the holder. People are attracted towards the holder. It also promotes love. People of
opposite sex come in more contact. Married life is also happy. Astrologers say that it is
auspicious for people associated with art, media, film and fashion. But if not on astrological
consultation, then its bad effect is seen.

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