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Divine tree is sycamore, know its surprising benefits.

Divine tree is sycamore, know its surprising benefits.

Divine tree is sycamore, know its surprising benefits

Trees have a revered status in all the religions practiced in the world. No religion disrespects trees as it is necessary for clean environment and survival of living beings on earth. However, in recent years, due to indiscriminate exploitation and felling of trees, the number of trees has decreased rapidly from the earth. The brunt of this is being faced in the form of deteriorating environment. That is why now in many countries campaigns are being run on a large scale to plant trees.

The divine tree is the sycamore

Now let’s talk about divine trees. You must have heard about the Triveni of Neem, Peepal and Banyan. These three trees are considered highly revered in Hinduism. Apart from these, another divine tree is the sycamore tree. Although there is no fixed day to worship it, but it is a major tree among the Navagrahas. This tree is considered to be ruled by Venus and it is the representative tree of Taurus and Libra zodiac. There are many benefits of this tree, about which the general public is not aware. The fruits, leaves, roots, etc. of this tree are not only used to cure many diseases, but many doshas caused by the planets can be pacified.

Divine tree benefits

Relationship of sycamore and Venus The sycamore tree is the representative tree of Venus. By regularly offering water in it, the compatibility of Venus is obtained. Venus is the representative planet of material comforts, love, beauty, attractiveness, elegance, sexual pleasure, love marriage etc. Therefore, to make Venus favorable, it is important to regularly offer water to the sycamore tree. If Venus is in inauspicious position in the horoscope, then the pain of Venus can be pacified by the use of sycamore.

Divine tree

These are the benefits of sycamore If you want to do love marriage, then take out the root of the sycamore tree on the coming Friday in the Shukla Paksha of any month and purify it with Gangajal. Wearing it filled with silver amulet gives success in love marriage.

If you want to get financial prosperity, get money, buy land and building, but the work is not being done, then fill the root of sycamore in a silver amulet and wear it.

To remove sexual weakness, along with regular consumption of sycamore fruits, water should be offered regularly to the sycamore tree. The amulet of sycamore is considered preventive of all diseases. Wearing it keeps the evil eye away.


Mysterious is the sycamore flower It is said about the sycamore flower that till date no one has seen its flower on earth. Due to its mysteriousness, many discussions and things have been said since ancient times. It is said that sycamore flowers bloom at night and as soon as they bloom they go to heaven. Its flowers never fall on the earth. It is said that its flowers are the wealth of Kubera, so it is not available to the people of the earth. Many people claim to have bloomed and seen sycamore flowers, but they are not actually sycamore flowers.

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