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Dhan Vridhi Yantra: Hindu’s Powerful Yantra

Dhan Vridhi Yantra benefits not only traders but also those who are in service/employment. He blesses the believer with achieving goals and achieving goals.

Yantra is specially design to provide benefits in terms of business. If you cannot achieve the result of your hard work and face losses, this yantra will help you cope with these obstacles in life. Get advice from astrologers at Astroeshop and wear the Yantra in the right way and at the right time. They will guide you according to your birth chart and the problems you are facing. Let them charge the yantra and maximize its benefits and blessings. Yantra helps you to achieve your goal and achieve success in areas of life like job, business, promotion etc.

Dhan Vridhi Yantra| vyapar vridhi yantra| Astroeshop yantra|
Dhan Vridhi Yantra

For Business and Money: Dhan Vridhi Yantra

  • “Vyapar” means business and “Vriddhi” means increase. As the name suggests, this Yantra increases sales, turnover and profits in business or profession. It blesses the owner or holder of this Yantra with success, progress and prosperity in work and career.
  • It blesses the believer with the achievement of goals, achievement of goals and overall success in undertakings. The increase in business and profits is confirmed by many users.
  • We recommend the Vayaparvridhi Yantra for anyone who has an office, shop or showroom. He should keep the Vayaparvridhi Yantra in place and see the difference.
  • Vayaparvridhi Yantra is fixed in the place of business and is used to increase the sales and profits of the business or when the business of anybody is under the control of the opponents, the yantra works as an antidote and the sales, and profits of the business increase manifold. Dhan vridhi Yantra bestows wealth and happiness on the worshipper. Yantra has been successfully tested in many places. Persons who are unemployed or want to increase their services or increase their business must use Vayaparvridhi Yantra.
  • We provide Yantras which are Energize (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits by reciting the Vedic Mantra of a particular Devi or Devas along with a complete Homa. With Yantra, we provide complete mantras and methodology for Jantra worship.
  • This yantra is worshipped and established by devotees who meditate secretly.
Dhan Vridhi Yantra| Astroeshop| money magnet|
Dhan Vridhi Yantra

The package includes:

  • Shri Laxmi Yantra
  • An idol of Goddess Laxmi
  • Laxmi yantra Kovach
  • Goddess Laxmi Charan

Benefits of Dhan Varsha Yantra?

Shri Laxmi Yantra is a very important part of Dhan Varsha Yantra. This setup will give you immediate favourable results. It helps increase money and wealth.

The main deity associate with the yantra is Goddess Laxmi. The manifestation of the goddess in this idol makes your home full of wealth and prosperity. Dhan Varsha yantra is incomplete without this idol. Dhan Varsha yantra thus creates multiple sources of income.

This kavach attracts money like a magnet. This is the easiest means of acquiring wealth. Businessmen and people can wear this at work.

Establishing Meru Shri yantra from Dhan Varsha yantra brings you money from all 6 directions. Wherever you try to earn wealth, you are sure to be successful.

The feet of Goddess Laxmi is consider very auspiciously. Placing it in your safe box or temple will keep your money safe and away from the evil eye.

Dhan Vridhi Yantra| Vyapar vridhi yantra| Astroeshop|
Dhan Vridhi Yantra

How to use it?

On Friday, install the idol of Goddess Laxmi facing south on a red cloth. Place the Laxmi Yantra in your cash box.

Then the Meru Shri yantra in the North East direction. Place Charan in your temple. Wear a Laxmi kavach, which is a locket, as a necklace.

Why should you buy from us?

It is energize by our esteem astrologer. A fully charge and cleanse Dhan Varsha Yantra will work best while resting.

Buy Dhan Varsha Yantra online from astroeshop and you will definitely see the change.

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