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Dates of Griha Pravesh Muhurta in 2022

DateStart timeDuration
Saturday, 05 February07:07:1927:49:34
Thursday, February 1011:10:2831:03:55
Friday, February 1107:03:1130:37:54
Friday, February 1816:42:3930:57:28
Saturday, February 1906:56:3416:52:06
Saturday, March 2620:04:0230:18:53
Monday, 02 May24:33:3829:40:01
Wednesday, May 1119:28:3729:33:11
Thursday, May 1205:32:3118:53:34
Friday, May 1318:49:2329:31:52
Saturday, May 1405:31:1415:24:44
Monday, May 1613:18:2129:30:02
Friday, May 2005:27:5517:31:04
Wednesday, May 2505:25:4529:25:45
Thursday, May 2605:25:2310:55:48
Monday, May 3017:00:5729:24:07
Wednesday, June 0105:23:3913:00:09
Friday, June 1005:22:3427:37:29
Thursday, June 1612:37:4629:22:50
Wednesday, June 2220:47:1530:14:57
Friday, 02 December06:56:4430:56:44
Saturday, 03 December06:57:3029:36:49
Thursday, 08 December09:40:1331:01:13
Friday, 09 December07:01:5514:59:40
Wednesday, December 2108:33:4922:18:45

Griha Pravesh Muhurta in 2022


Griha Pravesh is an important moment in the life of every person. Because after hard work and efforts, the dream of the house comes true, so the house entry in the auspicious time has special significance. Entering the house on an auspicious time and date brings peace, prosperity and happiness in the house. The Muhurta of Griha Pravesh is decide on the basis of Tithi, Nakshatra, Lagna and Var etc.

 Scriptural rules for home entry Magh, Falgun, Vaisakh, Jyeshta months have been celebrate as the best months for home entry in the scriptures. It is forbid to enter the house in the months of Chaturmas i.e. Aashaadha, Shravan, Bhadrapada and Ashwin. Because this period is the time of sleeping of all the Gods and Goddesses including Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, Paush month is also not consider auspicious for home entry. Graha Parvesh is done on all other days except Tuesday.

However, in some special circumstances, entering the house on Sundays and Saturdays is prohibit. Except Amavasya and Purnima, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Trayodashi dates of Shukla Paksha are consider auspicious for home entry. Graha Parvesh should be done in a stable ascendant. At the time of entering the house, the position of the Sun from your birth constellation is inauspicious in the fifth, auspicious in the eighth, inauspicious in the ninth and auspicious in the sixth.

Griha-Parvesh-Muhurta -2022

Home entry type Generally it has been a belief that Griha Pravesh is always done to stay in a new house but this notion is not correct. According to Vastu Shastra, there are 3 types of home entry- 

Apoorva: When one goes to live in a new house, it is called ‘Apoorva’ Griha Pravesh. 

Prev: If due to some reason we move to live in some other place and leave our house empty. After this, when we return to the house again, it is called Sapoorva Graha Pravesh.

Due to natural calamity or any other problem, when one has to leave the house under compulsion. After this, worship is done to stay in the house again, then it is called Dwadhava Graha Pravesh. Importance of Vaastu Shanti Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science.

It shows the importance of directions. Vaastu refers to a place where God and man live together. The human body is made up of five elements and Vaastu is also believed to be related to these five elements. According to Vaastu Shastra, deities reside in every direction. Energy coming from every direction provides positive environment, happiness-peace and prosperity in our life, therefore Vaastu Puja and Vaastu Shanti must be done before entering the house.


After the completion of the construction work, enter the house Sometimes we enter a half-built house but it is not considered right. In the scriptures, there are some rules for entering the house, which must be followed. Unless doors are installed in the house, especially at the main entrance, and the roof of the house is not completely formed, then one should avoid entering the house. After entering the house, try not to lock the main door of the house.

Because doing so is considered inauspicious. Special: All these ideas given in relation to home entry are important from the religious point of view. However, before entering the house, consult a learned astrologer for Vastu Shanti and other works.

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