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Crystals not only strengthen the planets, but also increase immunity

Crystals not only strengthen the planets but also increase immunity

Crystals not only strengthen the planets, but also increase immunity.

These days corona virus is wreaking havoc all over the world including India. No vaccine or medicine has been invented so far to protect against this virus, in such a situation, all countries are emphasizing their citizens to increase their immunity. Ayurvedic medicines, decoctions and nutritious food are being adopted to increase immunity in India. In such a situation, the question arises whether crystals can also help us in increasing immunity. The answer is yes.


In astrology, many types of gems and their gems are worn to strengthen the planets. Not only do these gems balance the planets, they also infuse confidence and positive energy in the person by making them strong in their mental state. Actually, the work of crystal is to increase the energy of the related planet which is reaching the person’s body in small quantity, the flow of that energy in the person’s body and its surroundings. It also strengthens the immunity of the person. If a person’s immunity is weak, then even a small wound becomes fatal for him. Let us know some special crystals which can protect you from any type of bacteria, virus etc. by increasing your immunity.


It is a transparent crystal of greenish-blue color. It is known as crystal immunity booster. Wearing this crystal strengthens the immunity of a person, which protects against any kind of allergies, flu, viruses, bacteria, colds, cough etc.

Dark Green Aventure : This transparent green colored crystal purifies all the internal organs of the person wearing it, they start functioning properly. This crystal makes a person physically and mentally strong. By strengthening the immune system of a person, it provides protection from many types of diseases. By wearing it the toxins of the body come out. White Beryl: It is a bright white colored transparent crystal. There are many benefits of wearing it around the neck by making a garland of pearls. It strengthens the human lymphatic system, which is a part of the immune system and circulatory system. Wearing it removes the obstacles of the immune system and strengthens the immunity of the person. It is a purple colored crystal.


Carneline: It is an orange colored crystal. Its main function is to infuse positive energy by taking out the negative energy of the body. Due to giving mental and physical relaxation, it makes all the systems of the body work smoothly. Some such hormones are released from the glands by wearing it while touching the body, which strengthens the immunity. Amethyst: It is a purple colored crystal, which purifies all the internal organs of the body and flows pure blood to them. It also purifies the blood and boosts the immune system. Due to this, the body gets the power to fight against many types of diseases, bacteria, viruses etc. It removes stress and strengthens the nervous system.

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