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Chhoti Holi 2023: Holika Dahan Story

Chhoti Holi 2023 (Holika Dahan), the first day of celebration in 2023, is observe on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Falgun. The next day is the festival of colours (also know as Dhulendi, Dhulandi and Dhuli). The celebration of Holi signifies the victory of good over evil.

Chhoti Holi 2023: Holika Dahan

In India, Holi is one of the most famous festivals which usually takes place in March. Celebrations are held all over the country and even the world during this festival. With so much fun and frolic surrounding this festival, the mere mention of ‘Holi’ brings smiles and excitement to every face.

A festival call Chhoti Holi 2023 or Holika Dahan is held on the first day of the festival, while a festival call Dhuleti or Holi is held on the second day. Holi, which marks the arrival of spring according to the Hindu calendar, falls on a full moon day in the month of Phalgun.

Chhoti Holi 2023| Holi 2023|
Chhoti Holi 2023

Chhoti Holi 2023: Muhurata

According to Hindu scriptures, Holika Dahan, which is also know as Holika Deepak or Chhoti Holi, should be perform during Pradosh Kaal (which begins after sunset) while Purnimasi Tithi prevails. Bhadra predominates during the first half of Purnimasi Tithi and when Bhadra predominates, all good work should be avoid.

Chhoti Holi 2023: Date and Time

Chhoti Holi (Holika Dahan) is March 7, 2023

  • Chhoti Holi 2023 Muhurta: 18:24:31 to 20:51:30
  • Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes
  • Bhadra Punchha :01:02:09 to 02:19:29
  • Bhadra Mukha: 02:19:29 to 04:28:23
Chhoti Holi 2023| Holi 2023|
Chhoti Holi 2023

Holika Dahan Scriptural Rules

Holashtak is consider from the eighth day of the bright half of Falgun month to the full moon in Falgun. All auspicious quests are prohibit during this 8-day duration. The Holika Dahan fire ceremony is perform on Purnima (full moon) day. There are 2 main rules for this ceremony:

1. Bhadra should not predominate on that day. Vishti Karan (which is one of the 11 Karans) is another name for Bhadra. 1 Karan is equal to half a Tithi.
2. Purnima should prevail in Pradosh Kaal. In other words, Purnima should prevail over the next 3 Muhurats after sunset.
On the next day of Holika Dahan (also known as Chhoti Holi 2023), it is customary to play with colours with fun and gusto. People put paint on each other and hug each other.

The legend behind the celebration of Holika Dahan

According to the Hindu Puranas, when Hiranya Kashyap (the demon king) remarked that his son Prahlad was worshipping Lord Vishnu, he got really angry. He ordered his sister Holice to sit by the fire and hold Prahlad on her lap. This is because Holika has been bless that she cannot be burn in the fire. However, things did not go according to plan. Holika was burn to ashes in the fire and nothing happen to the devotee Vishnu Prahlada. In commemoration of this event, this canon is the performance of Holika Dahan (burning of fire with respect to Holika). The festival of Holi gives the message that this is how the Almighty remains available to protect his devotees.

Chhoti Holi 2023| Holi 2023|
Chhoti Holi 2023

History of Holika Dahan

The description of Holi has been witness for a very long time. A 16th-century painting is found in the capital of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi. This picture shows the celebration of Holi. Similarly, a 300 BC old inscription was found at Ramgarh, near the Vindhya range, which contains an account of Holi. Some people believe that on this day Lord Krishna killed a demon named Pootna. The Gopis celebrated his victory and celebrated Holi with him.

The name Holi comes from the legend of the festival in which the demoness Holika was sent by King Hiranyakashipu to kill his son Prahlada. Holika tried to get Prahlad to be burn at the stake, but because her intentions were evil, she was the one who was burn and killed.

Legend has it that through penance, the demon king Hiranyakashipu was grant five magical powers of protection, which he believe would combine to make him immortal. He held fast to this belief and forced his subjects to worship him as a god. However, his son Prahlad refused and instead remained true to his worship of the true god Vishnu. Acting out of spite, Hiranyakashipu tried many times to kill his son but was always defeat by Vishnu.

During one of these attempts, Hiranyakashipu conspired with his demon sister Holika and developed a plan to kill Prahlada. Holika had a special cloak that protected her from the fire and planned to bring Prahlad into the fire with her, then remove the cloak and expose Prahlad to the flames. However, her plan failed and the cloak flew from Holika to Prahlada, protecting the righteous son and leaving the evil Holika to burn in flames.

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