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Chant Santan Gopal Mantra to get the best baby

Chant Santan Gopal Mantra to get the best baby

In the Vedic texts, many repetitive words, singing, conversion, rituals, havan, speed and so on have been attributed to the adoption of beautiful children, but among them, the most proven, most effective and miraculous mantra is the Santan Gopal Mantra. The glory of this mantra is found in many texts. As a result of this mantra dedicated to Lord Krishna, one gets a child with good qualities. But this mantra should be sung with full devotion while the remaining sattvik. Adhering to its perfect rules, crying leads to immediate success. This mantra is also very effective for those people who face any obstacle in finding the happiness of the child.

The complete distribution of mantra-

Asya Gopal Mantrasya, Narada Rishi, Anushtup Chhandah, Krishna Devta, Mama Putra Kamārtha sang Vinyogah.

Dhyana- vijayen yuto rathasthitah prasabhaniya sea Madhya. Prada Dutta Nayan Dwijanne Smariyo Vasudev Nandan: Santan Gopal Mantra – Om Devki Sut Govind Vasudev Jagapte. Body for me pranayam Krishna tvamaham sharanam harsh. This mantra is proven by chanting once. The mantra should be sung with a rosary of Jivapota, Sphatik or Rudraksha. After the completion of one lakh mantra, it should be done with ten thousand mantras. After the van, receive the blessings of the Brahmins by giving them food according to their ability and by donating to the dakina.

Benefits of Mantra

Obstacles to the happiness of children are removed. A child with good qualities is available. Those whose children do not survive, benefit. Many women have abortions, and they also benefit from this mantra.

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