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Chaitra Purnima 2023 – Celebration Date And Time

Chaitra Purnima 2023: Chaitra is a Sanskrit word that means when the Sun is in an exalted position in the sign of Aries and the Moon is aligned with the bright star Chaitra in the constellation of Libra, it is known as Chaitra Purnima. The full moon is a powerful time for manifestation and creation. At this point the mind begins to balance different types of ideas. The Exalted Sun in Aries energizes the soul and empowers us to make good “karmic” decisions that determine the course of our present and future lives.

Chitragupta, the Guardian of Deeds, considers Chaitra Purnima as a sacred day. Chitragupta, according to legend, keeps track of our good karma against our bad karma and reports the results to Lord Yama. Lord Brahma created through Sun god Chitragupta. He is the younger brother of Lord Yama. Full moon days are auspicious for getting Chitragupta’s blessings. It cleanses the soul of all sins and helps in acquiring virtue for the next world.

Chaitra Purnima is observed on April 6 this year. This Purnima is the name for the Purnima Tithi in the Hindu calendar that falls in the month of Chaitra.

Chaitra Purnima 2023| Purnima 2023|
Chaitra Purnima 2023

Chaitra Purnima special muhurta?

Chaitra Purnima on Thursday 6th April 2023

  • Purnima Tithi Starts – April 5, 2023, at 09:19 AM
  • Purnima Tithi ends – on 6 April 2023 at 10:04 AM

Significance of Chaitra Purnima 2023?

Chaitra Purnima 2023 is celebrated when the Sun and Moon are reunited. It is important to worship Lord Chitragupta on this day. Chitragupta depicts two words, Chitra refers to images and Gupta refers to hidden. Lord Chitragupta is said to be the younger brother of Lord Yama. Lord Chitragupta also helps Lord Yama by keeping a record of one’s karma. On the occasion of Chitra Pournima, people usually perform puja on the banks of rivers or nearby lakes to propitiate the God.

During Chitra Pournima, Anamala Hills attracts thousands of pilgrims who apparently take part in a 14 km long walk called Pradakshina. Devotees also observe a fast during Chitra Pournami. On this special day, devotees also gather in large numbers at the Chitragupta Temple, Kanchipuram, which is one of the ancient temples of South India. It is believed that those who fail to create a balance between good and bad karma continue in the same cycle of birth.

Chaitra Purnima 2023| Purnima 2023|
Chaitra Purnima 2023

The Story of Chaitra Purnima 2023

According to the holy scriptures, the story of Chaitra Poornima revolves around Lord Indra, the kings of gods and his Guru Brihaspati. Once Lord Indra and Guru Brihaspati indulge in a quarrel because Lord Indra insulted Guru Brihaspati. As a guide and mentor, Guru Brihaspati instructed Indra on a pilgrimage to earth to reduce his bad karma.

Lord Indra agreed and proceeded to fulfill his Guru’s wish. During the pilgrimage, Lord Indra found a shivaling under a Kadamba tree. Later he realized that Lord Shiva was the one who was helping him reduce his bad deeds. He soon started worshiping Lord Shiva by offering lotus flowers. This incident took place on the full moon day of Chithirai month in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Since then, devotees perform puja at the famous Meenakshi Temple in Madurai to worship the Lord.

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Chaitra Purnima 2023| Purnima Fast| Purnima 2023|
Chaitra Purnima 2023

Benefits of doing Puja on Chaitra Purnima 2023?

Devotees who perform Durga Puja during Chaitra Purnima 2023 can get relief from their bad karma. This ritual reminds us to refrain from doing bad deeds and turn our attention to truth and honesty. Devotees sincerely pray to God to remove negative thoughts from their mind. The purpose of organizing Chitra Pournami Puja is to wash away past sins.

This sacred ritual could be the best way to get a special blessing from God. Some people also organize Yagna and recite mantras to please the Lord on this auspicious day as people believe it is the most spiritual way to connect with God. This ritual not only removes negativity from within but also motivates one to follow the path of inner salvation.

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How do people celebrate?

On this auspicious day, people offer special prayers and organize various ceremonies to propitiate the Lord. They also bathe in nearby holy rivers as they believe that one can get rid of one’s sins. Moreover, people dealing with the malefic effects of Ketu worship Chitragupta to eliminate its negative effects. Some of them observe a day-long fast by avoiding fatty and spicy foods. They celebrate this day by donating food and clothes to the poor or needy.

Apart from this, the ritual of this day also includes the preparation of Navadha Niyam, which are nine different foods offer to impress God. While doing so, one should take care not to do such things during Rahu Kalam or Yama Kandam. People keep betel leaves, nuts, coconut or banana on the plate and light incense sticks to worship the Lord. Later they conclude the rituals by performing Mangala Aarti.


Now we knew why Chaitra Purnima 2023 is consider one of the important festivals of Hindus which is mainly celebrated in the southern states of India. This day brings us opportunities to reduce our bad karma by remembering the name of Lord Chitragupta. Whoever performs the puja on this day can get blessings from both Lord Chitragupta and Lord Yama.

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