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Can astrology brighten your luck?

Can astrology brighten your luck

Can astrology brighten your luck?

How Astrology Helps us How Jyotish Changed Life: Does astrology make us fatalistic? Can astrology shine our luck? Can astrology ease our miseries? After all, what can be done related to astrology? Such questions often come in the mind of people and their doubts about astrology remain.

Karma is the basis of astrology In fact, the basic principle of astrology is that “man has to suffer the fruits of his actions, whether they are of this birth or previous birth.” From this it is clear that astrology inspires a person to do karma in the right direction and does not make him fatalistic at all.

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Can astrology reduce sufferings?

Now it comes to what can ease our sorrows? In such a situation, astrology can definitely tell you that if you recite Sundar Kand or any other mantra, you will get health benefits. In fact, you can get the full benefits of good horoscope combinations only when your health is better. The biggest thing is that astrological remedies definitely give the strength to bear the troubles and never give up in life. After all, what can astrology do?

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Education: Astrology can tell you which subject education will be good for the native. For example, Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the factors of technical education, so if they are in a strong position in the horoscope, then technical education will lead to science.

Occupation: Through astrology, it can be known that the person has possibilities of becoming a good businessman or should prepare for a government job. Also, are there good chances to become a doctor, engineer or join the police?

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This can make it easier to try in the right direction.

Illness: If the dasha or antardasha of an inauspicious planet is starting, then one can be alert for health.

Child happiness: Does a person have child happiness or not? When will the child be born? These things can also be detected through astrology. Remedies can reduce or eliminate suffering. It is clear that if it is taken as a guidance, then life can get a new direction through astrology.

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