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Keeping fast in religion is considered to have a special significance. By the way, it is said that fasting is also very beneficial for the body. But generally people keep fast for the fulfillment of their desires. Each fast that comes in the week has its own significance. In which there is a lot of recognition of Thursday’s fast. Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati Dev are worshiped on Thursday. It is said that by observing the fast on Thursday, the obstacles coming in marriage are removed and the house becomes.

How many Thursdays should you keep fast?

Fasting should be done continuously till 16th Thursday and Udyapan should be done on 17th Thursday. Men can observe this fast for 16 consecutive Thursdays, but women or girls should do this fast only when they can worship, they should not do this fast on difficult days.

When to start?

You can start this fast anytime except in the month of Push or Paush. The month of Paush falls in December or January according to the English calendar. The rest can start this fast from the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Shukla Paksha is considered very auspicious to start any work.

How to worship?

According to Agni Purana, Thursday’s fast should be started on Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra for 7 consecutive Thursdays. On this day, after waking up in the morning, after meditating on Lord Vishnu, one should take a vow of fasting. Brihaspati Dev should be meditated upon. Yellow clothes, yellow fruits should be used on this day. After this, Lord Brihaspatidev and Vishnu should be worshiped with fruits, flowers, yellow clothes. The story should be heard after worship. Offering bananas as prasad is considered auspicious, but these bananas should be donated only. One should listen to the story of Thursday in the evening and according to the belief, one should eat yellow food without salt on this day. Chana dal can also be used in food.

Benefit of the story

This fast is very fruitful. By fasting and reading this story on Thursday, the god Jupiter is pleased. Beginning the fast from Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra and fasting on 7th Thursday, one gets freedom from all the sufferings of the planet Jupiter. By observing the fast of Thursday with full devotion, one gets rid of the defects of the planet Jupiter and gets Guru’s grace. By observing fast on this day, one gets all the happiness. The person observing the fast should keep in mind that he should not cut his hair or get a beard done on this day.

Guru Thursday fast story

According to the Hindu calendar, there are 7 days in a week and each day has its own significance. According to Hinduism, each day has been designated for the worship of different deities. Similarly, Thursday has been fixed for the worship of Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, by observing the fast of Jupiter Dev on this day, he becomes happy and gives the desired boon. If Jupiter is in a weak position in the horoscope of a person, then he should start fasting on Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra and observe a fast for 7 Thursdays. By this fast, wealth and property are obtained and those who are childless also get children.

Long time ago, there lived a merchant in a city. The merchant was a very gentleman but his wife was very miser. While the merchant used to earn and do charity work openly, his wife used to disrespect the sadhus who came to the door every day. What happened once that Brihaspati Dev himself reached the merchant’s door in the guise of a sage. Now there was no merchant at home, so she started disrespecting the monk and started saying that she is having a lot of trouble with this wealth and tell any such remedy so that it can be destroyed. Then Brihaspatidev, who appeared in the guise of a sage, tried to convince him that he should use the money for good works, but he did not listen. Then Brihaspatidev said, if you really want this, then on seven consecutive Thursdays (Bhraspativar Vrat Katha) smear your house with cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil only on Thursday, wash clothes on the same day, also with your husband on Thursday. Asked to get shaving, to consume meat and liquor etc. in food also. Saying this Brihaspati Dev disappeared from there. But the businessman’s wife did not take his words lightly and started doing as she said, till the third Thursday, her house got poor and she too died.

The merchant also had a daughter. Now he had come on the road with his daughter, he took refuge in another village to survive. He used to chop wood from the forest and sell them and spend the day like that. Unable to fulfill the small wishes of his daughter, he would be in great pain. One day, seeing his life in the forest, he started lamenting that seeing this condition, Brihaspati Dev appeared in front of him in the form of a sage and advised to worship Jupiter and get the story recited, with the blessings of Brihaspati Dev, the merchant’s woods also on that day. Sold at a good price. Now he worshiped Brihaspati Dev as told by the monk and kept fast and also listened to the story. His days began to turn, but before the completion of the seven fasts, one Thursday he forgot to do the story and fast. On the same day the king had invited everyone for the banquet. But here too he reached late and the king along with his family got him food. See the illusion of Brihaspati Dev that the queen’s necklace is stolen and the blame is put on the father and daughter, both of them are put in jail.

When the merchant again remembers Brihaspati Dev, then he says that even now nothing has gone wrong, even while living here, you can keep fast on Thursday, listen and recite the story and distribute the offerings of jaggery and gram. Now the merchant gets 2 paisa there at the door of the jail, he asks a woman to bring jaggery gram but she says that her son is married so she is in a little hurry while on one side a woman comes whose son dies And she is bringing a shroud for him. He tells her the same thing to tell the story of Brihaspati Dev by bringing him jaggery and gram. She brings it to him and herself listens to his story. Now the woman, whose son was married, dies after falling from the mare, and the woman who had gone to take the shroud for her son, gets alive as soon as she pours prasad and Charanamrit in her mouth. Another woman also comes to the merchant lamenting and apologizes for her mistake and after hearing the story of Brihaspati ji, takes Prasad and Charanamrit and pours it in the mouth of her son, from which he becomes alive again. On the same night, Brihaspati Dev comes in a dream to the king and tells that his necklace is not lost, but it is hanging there on the peg. He has put innocent father and daughter in jail. The very next day the king frees them and by giving a lot of money to the merchant, his daughter also gets married in a well-to-do family.

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