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Budh Yantra and It’s Benefits


Budh Yantra symbolizes tenderness, love, humanity, intelligence, communication skills and speech in our lives. The vehicle of Budh is Leo, and he is consider the son of the Moon and Tara. Being the factor of intelligence, Mercury is consider to be the most intelligent deity. It is also a symbol of mathematics, calculation and reasoning.

If Budh is unfavorable or if it is aspect by evil planets, then education remains incomplete. Budh controls the mind. When Budh is inauspicious or unfavorable, the reasoning power and ability of a person is affect. He becomes unable to follow instructions. We all have students or close relatives at home, and most of the time, we hear parents complaining about a child’s education.

Many students, even after trying, are not able to develop an interest in studies. Budh Yantra is a device that invokes the energy of the planet Budh and removes the harmful effects of this planet. Budh Yantra pacifies the wrath of Planet mercury. If the Budh Yantra is install properly in the house, it can eliminate all the negative energy in the house and fill the house with the divine energy that attracts positive vibes. Base on the position of the planet Mercury in the horoscope, communication skills, self-confidence, sense of humor, thinking power, etc. Can be tell about a person. With the blessings of Mercury, a person can become a scholar, lawyer, accountant, creative designer, artist, book writer, and consultant and can reach a good position in his office. In Vedic astrology, Budh (the planet Mercury) holds an important position like the other planets present in the horoscope.

How does the Budh Yantra work?

The power of Budh Yantra made of copper increases immensely due to the resonance of cosmic energy. When the mantra is chant on this yantra, they gradually develop a relationship with the worshiper. Copper Budh Yantra removes all the obstacles in the life of the seeker. It helps them to focus on their goals by increasing their concentration power and as they start chanting in front of the Budh Yantra, they connect with the divine source of energy.

 Every person must meditate on Budh Yantra at home. This Yantra can provide energy to the surrounding environment. Budh Yantra gives the best results once installed in the right direction and at the right place. It can be place in the worship room or temple of the house or at the entrance of your home, office, factory or business place. It can also be place in the hall or living room.

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Budh Yantra Benefits

Budh Yantra invokes the energies of the planet Mercury present in the universe. It connects the worshiper with that cosmic energy. It is install to attract magical powers in the environment. This yantra absorbs divine powers heals and makes you more focused and confident than before.

Here are some more benefits of Budh Yantra

  • It is beneficial in business and business.
  • It gives you good health and satisfaction in life.
  • This yantra gives you the confidence to perform well in sports and activities.
  • Budh Yantra connects you with the divine energy of Lord Mercury.
  • It is good for pregnant women; this protects them from pregnancy complications and incidents like a miscarriage.
  • It is good for professionals like lawyers and judges.
  • It also removes obstacles in your relationships and happiness.
  • With the help of this, your business and job work smoothly and give you success in your professional life.
  • It fulfils your wishes and blesses you to get a name and fame in life.

Does it help with meditation?

Yes, Budh Yantra helps in meditation. Regular chanting of ‘Buddha Beej Mantra’ helps the sadhak positively in sadhana. It should be practice to attain peace in life.

How is Siddha Budh Yantra helpful?

The Budh Yantra made of copper is energize by the Vedic mantra “Om Bram Breen Saha Budhay Namah ”. This mantra is chant continuously in front of the yantra and then gradually it starts showing you the results. If you want, you can do it by yourself at your home or it will be done with the help of an expert astrologer.

The establishment of this yantra will done on Wednesdays. However, you can install it whenever you want. God will be please when you chant this mantra in front of the yantra. We, humans, are God’s creation, and God loves each of His creations. He is the supreme power, and we are like children to him. God can never do injustice to men; The only thing is that we envy and hate each other even though we are of the same species. And thus, we have to suffer for not doing good deeds.

This is the reason why God gives us the fruits according to our karma. Using the Budh Graha Yantra is a way to apologize to the Supreme Lord and request his forgiveness. If you request God with a pure heart and sincere heart with full faith then God forgives for wrong deeds and he is given a chance to get better.

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What is the significance of the Budh Yantra locket or pendant?

Budh Yantra, as mentioned earlier, pacifies the energies of the planet Mercury (Lord Buddha); It would be handy to carry a person as a locket or pendant at all times to protect them from the negative energy around them.

Thus you can take advantage of Budh Yantra at school, college, office, factory or other workplaces. It also protects against damages due to fire and lightning.

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How to worship Budh Yantra?

  • To set up the Yantra, arrange worship materials like flowers, incense sticks, incense, lamp, prasad, panchamrit, milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey and Gangajal.
  • Take a bath, wear clean, clean washed clothes and join the worship with a sincere heart.
  • Now place the Yantra in the temple and chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury planet 11 times, 21 times or 108 times with full faith as per the strength.
  • You should offer sandalwood tilak on Yantra, rice, fruits etc.
  • With this kind of worship, God will be pleased with you and will bless your life to become better.

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