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Sleep, sleeping is an important part of our daily routine. According to ACHARYA INDU PRAKASH JI, you should always sleep towards the east and south. Head towards north or west, should not sleep.

 Therefore, we need to know how to sleep, which will make us healthy, and do not let our age deteriorate.


 1. Heading towards the east, one gets wisdom by sleeping.

 2. Mental disorders are obtained by sleeping towards the west.

 3. Heading towards the north leads to loss of sleep and loss of life.

 4. Heading towards the south leads to an age increase by sleeping.

 5. Do not sleep during the day, diseases are caused by sleeping during the day. According to the ACHARYA INDU PRAKASH JI, gold is prohibited during the day in all seasons, but sleeping during the day is not prohibited in summer.

 6. Before going to bed, tilak should be discarded from the forehead, and the flower should be discarded from the head.

 7. Do not sleep on a bed made of bamboo or Palash wood, and your head should not be hung by sleeping.

If you have a late-night addiction. You keep running something on the mobile phone before going to bed till late at night. keep talking to someone, and you don’t even sleep? So Rahu planet can be the cause of this problem. Although, it is not the case that nowadays everyone goes till late at night, but most people are victims of this disease. Rahu rides everyone’s brain.


Those who stay awake for much of the night, and then fall asleep till the Brahmamuhurta comes, such people must get their horoscope analyzed. Such people either suffer from the condition of Rahu or any bad planet or they have more influence of Rahu in their horoscope. Let us know which are the yoga and planetary conditions, which make the native sleep, that is, the person who suffers from insomnia by being in his birth journal.

Rahu’s defect

According to astrology, whenever Lagnesh, Tritesh, or Dwadesh falls in the sixth, eighth or twelfth position then there is a disease of sleeplessness, but awakening unnecessary and unprovoked sleep can be Rahu’s fault.


The 12th house of the horoscope and Dwadesh are considered to be sleeping and sleeping pleasure. If cruel planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are situated in the 12th house of the horoscope, or if these planets influence on the 12th house and the influence of these planets on the lord of the 12th house, then the native suffers from insomnia. The native is sleepy with the influence of Rahu on the 12th house.

Planetary position

If Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are affected by Lagna, and Dwadesh is situated in inauspicious feelings, or if it is in a low zodiac sign then the native is not able to sleep soundly. If the Swadesh is located in the double house and there is no effect of any cruel planet on it, then in such a planetary state the native sleeps soundly.

If the lord of the 12th house is in the 12th house after becoming self-centered and the influence of the auspicious planets is more, then the native is more sleepy. Soundly sound and deep sleep is like a boon in itself. But the happiness of such sleep is not in the fate of every human being.


Such people must chant the Rahu mantra daily, worship Ganesh Ji or else get some remedy for planet peace. There are many reasons for not sleeping, ranging from complications of life and problems to many medical reasons. But many people complain of insomnia except for these reasons. There are references to insomnia diseases in astrology.

Practical measures:

If you are suffering from insomnia, then you should take immediate measures.

If you do not sleep, keep reading any book, praying at bedtime helps in getting sleep.

Give your body complete rest Exercise makes your body tired enough to make you sleepy.

When you go to sleep in your bedroom at night, recite Hanuman Chalisa before sleeping and put it under your pillow and you can get good sleep by sleeping.

This mantra of Durga Saptashati ‘Nidran Bhagavati Vishno Atulam Tejasah Prabhu’ chanting of this mantra is helpful for deep sleep. Using this mantra also benefits those whose sleep is interrupted. If a person sleeps by placing something made of iron, such as scissors, knives, etc., under his pillow. So any kind of negative energy or any negative energy stays away from it.

According to Vastu Shastra, a pinch of salt water mixed with salt water before going to bed at night helps you to sleep well. If sleep is open at night, then keeping the root of the Peepal tree under the pillow helps in getting good sleep. Put radish under your pillow at night and sleep, then in the morning offer that radish to Lord Shiva’s temple. By doing this you get rid of Rahu’s condition.

When do you sleep?

– Since Saturn’s dominance.

-With the Moon, Venus, or Mercury being in a good place, one gets good sleep.

-Only auspicious planets in the center or eighth house also leads to good sleep

-Sleep is good even when the water content in the horoscope is strong.

-People of Kark, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are usually sleeping well.

-People who have a source of water near their home also get good sleep.

When do you have sleeping problems?

– Due to Saturn’s contamination there is a problem with sleep.

– Unable to sleep without suffering from the Moon or Venus.

-If you are suffering from Mercury, then you cannot sleep with anxiety.

-It is difficult even if the fire element or earth element is dominant in the horoscope.

– Mangal rash does not allow physical discomfort.

What are the astrological remedies for good sleep?

– Keep the sleeping room color cream, light green, or pink.

-Use mild fragrance in the room.

– Do not keep any items under the patch, especially iron.

– Do not keep dirty clothes in the bedroom.

-Sure silver in the throat, do not use red tilak.

– Fill water in a lotus near the root of the fruit and wake it up in the morning and put that water in the plants.

-In the room where the rays of the sun and the moon come, use the same room to sleep.

– Get advice and wear a pearl or opal.


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