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Astrological Remedies, that should be done on Thursday

Remedies to be done on Thursday

Remedies to be done on Thursday

Thursday is the day to worship Brahma, Brihaspati and Vishnu. Yellow color has special significance on Thursday. Wearing yellow clothes brings auspicious work, after getting up in the morning after taking bath etc.

It's all about money, stupid

Do this remedy on Thursday, there will be profit of money.

Thursday belongs to Lord Jupiter, this day brings auspiciousness in a person’s life. You can buy electronic goods on Thursday, Thursday is beneficial in property related works. On this day worship items should not be bought. One should not buy anything related to eyes, any sharp things like knife, scissors etc.

Diwali 2022: Laxmi Pujan Muhurat 2022

Laxmi Puja has special significance on Thursday

Lakshmi Puja has special significance on Thursday. So that happiness and prosperity remain in the house, wake up in the morning on Thursday and worship Lakshmi ji after taking bath etc. Offer red flowers to Lakshmi ji. Worshiping Lakshmi and Narayan together brings happiness and prosperity in married life. There is no shortage of money in the house.

Thursday Puja: Rituals and Benefits to Pray Banana Tree and Lord Vishnu

This work should not be done on Thursday.

Women who wash their hair or get their hair cut on this day, their Jupiter is weak. There is a hindrance in the progress of husband and children. Women should neither wash nor cut their hair on this day.

Avoid trading on Thursday.

Transactions are prohibited on Thursdays. On this day no one should be allowed to give money or take money from anyone. By doing so, there is a possibility of increasing debt. If it is very important, you can do money transactions after noon or in the evening, however, try to avoid transactions on this day.

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