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Astro Tips: Get benefits in these diseases from Nagkesar

Get benefits in these diseases from Nagkesar

Astro Tips: Get benefits in these diseases from Nagkesar

Its trees are found in abundance in the eastern part of ‘Nagkesar’ Himalaya, East Bengal, Assam, Verma, South India etc. Dried flowers of ‘Nagkesar‘ are used for making medicines, spices and colours. Silk is usually dyed with their color. In Sri Lanka, a thick, yellow oil is extracted from the seeds, which is used for lighting lamps and medicines. Many types of items are made from its wood. The wood is so good that only by hand-painting it shines like a varnish. In Ayurveda, Nagkesar is considered astringent, hot, dry, mild and cures fever, itching, foul smell, leprosy, poison, thirst, nausea and sweating. Vaidyas also give it in bloody piles. It is also called ‘Nagchampa’.

Nagkesar benefits

In order to get success in the work of benefit in these diseases by ‘Nagkesar’ – in Ravipushya Yoga or in any auspicious time, keep Nag Kesar, Jasmine flowers, Koot, Tagar, Kumkum, Cow’s Ghee in all these things. Then when you have to go somewhere for some special work, then apply this tilak. By doing this, there is definitely success in the work. Benefits of hiccups – Nagkesar has antioxidant properties that help to overcome the problem of hiccups. First of all, mix four grams of Pili Nagkesar with ten grams of butter and sugar candy and take it twice a day in the morning and evening, it will stop hiccups. First of all, take sugarcane juice in a cup. Now take one spoonful of this juice mixed with the powder of Nagkesar flowers, it will stop hiccups. Benefits in Abortion- Women who have problem of abortion. The possibility of miscarriage can be removed by mixing a little powder of Nagkesar with sugar candy and drinking it with milk. Second remedy: First prepare a powder by taking equal quantity of Nagkesar flowers, Vanshlochan, Mishri. Now take one spoonful of this powder and consume it twice a day in the morning and evening, it will benefit you a lot.

Beneficial in menstruation women who have trouble during menstruation – Do those women do this? First of all, take Nagkesar, white sandalwood, Pathani Lodhra, bark of Ashoka tree in equal quantity. Now take a spoonful of powder from it and consume it with one spoonful of water, this can remove the problems occurring during your menstruation. Take equal quantity of powder of Nagkesar flowers and sugar candy and mix it well. Now by taking one teaspoon of this powder with water in the morning and evening, problems occurring before menstruation can be removed. Nagkesar, which is beneficial in injury, has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic and antioxidant properties, which prevent the infection from ripening in the wound and remove the infection in it, for this you take nagkesar oil and apply it to your body’s pain. Or apply it on the affected area, it will give you great relief and the wound will also heal quickly. Beneficial in Stomach Disease– Anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties are found in Nagkesar which helps in removing gastric problem, for this you prepare a decoction by taking equal quantity of the root and bark of Nagkesar and consume this decoction in the day. Consuming two or three times you can get rid of stomach irritation or gastric problem.

Red nagkesar, nagkesar benefits for skin

Beneficial in nose disease, first of all, prepare a paste by taking some leaves of Nagkesar. After the paste is ready, you apply it on your head, it will cure your cold problem completely. First of all, prepare a powder by grinding water chestnut and nagkesar flowers in equal parts. Now take this powder in the amount of one spoon two or three times a day, it will cure the problem of bleeding from your nose. Effective in rheumatism, first of all take nagkesar oil and apply it on the part of the joints of your body, in addition to this, if you want, you can also massage your joints with this oil. You will also benefit a lot. You can take the oil of Nagakesar seeds and massage it on your joints, it can reduce the problem of joint pain as well as arthritis.

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